Chinese Firms Vie For Good International Credit

August 31, 2006 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: News

The China International Institute of Multinational Corporations and Dun & Bradstreet have started registering enterprises' international credit ratings in China.

The first batch of 'International Credit Enterprises' in China will be awarded this year, and an awards ceremony will be held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

Sponsors of this rating activity are the Organizing Committee of the World Economic Development Declaration and the Global Compact Office of the United Nations. This activity also gets support and approval from relevant departments of the Chinese government.

Chinese enterprises will establish their positions in the international market with the image of 'honesty and credibility'. Enterprises' international credit rating also includes the promotion for awardees of 'International Credit Enterprises'.

The appearance of 'International Credit Enterprises' in China will provide convenient, safe and reassuring conditions for the exchange and cooperation between overseas businesses and Chinese enterprises, and it will also be helpful to the sustainable development of the Chinese economy. The Chinese government has supported Chinese enterprises in taking more proactive and responsible stances to participate in the international economy.

The standard of Enterprises' International Credit Rating used for the rating campaign has been drafted by CIIMC and D&B, in combination with the consideration of specific features of Chinese enterprises.

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