Yunnan Begins Cooperation With More Than 200 Foreign Universities

May 7, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Education

According to Yunan Provincial Education Department, Yunnan has established cooperation with more than 200 universities from over 50 countries across the world to promote international educational cooperation and exchange and improve its international education level.

In 2007, Yunnan recruited more than 2000 foreign and it sent up to 1000 students to study abroad. There were 500 scholars, experts and teachers exchanged between the province's institutions of higher learning and foreign universities in addition to the 25 scientific and technological cooperation programs.

More recently, YPED signed a memorandum of understanding with the cultural department of the British Consulate in Chongqing and the cultural department of the Canadian Consulate in Chongqing on carrying out cooperation in running schools, organizing summer camps, expanding overseas students' programs and supporting each other's language education.

In addition, Yunnan University, Yunnan Nationalities University, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan Normal University have held meetings with 11 foreign consulates in China, including that of Britain, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and Canada on international education cooperation.

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