Green Computers For Chinese Schools

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Lin Jialai, the vice director of the China Association for Poverty Alleviation and Development, proposed at a donation ceremony that Chinese companies and individuals donate unused computers to schools in the rural areas.

It is reported that CAPAD is launching a special program, aiming to modify old and used computers into environmentally-friendly computers before donating them to schools in rural China to improve the learning and teaching environment of the schools and promote the computerization in the countryside.

According to Lin, CAPAD has acquired more than 3,000 computers and delivered them to more than 20 schools across China. Lin stated that some of these schools were given by companies such as Lenovo and Sohu and others were donated by Chinese individuals.

The Chinese search engine company Baidu has also signed with CAPAD. It is said that Baidu has donated the first batch of 200 computer facilities including more than 70 laptop computers to Chengfu Primary School in Langfang Dachang Hui Ethnic Autonomous County.

It is understood that there are millions of computers that remain unused in China each year, and on the other hand there are many students in the rural areas of the country who can't afford to buy a new computer, which limits their understanding of the outside world via the Internet.

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