NGOs Call For New Laws

November 3, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Environment

At their fourth annual meeting, non-governmental organizations in China called last week for a law to be made as soon as possible for social organizations.

He Ping, the president of the International Fund for China's Environment, stated that there are still many problems in the development of NGOs, including society's inadequate understanding of NGOs, outdated legislation, and difficulties in raising funds. He called for reforms to be made on the management of NGOs and for the drafting of NGO legislation to be accelerated.

The NGOs also suggested on the meeting that the government should change its ideas as a manager of the eco-civilization and continually improve itself in making policies, laws and standards which are conducive to environment protection. The NGOs hoped that the government would act as a model on protecting the environment.

It is reported that this year's NGO annual meeting mainly focused on the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference. While echoing the Chinese government's position on climate issues, the NGOs called on all of their counterparts, the government, enterprises, and the public, to each shoulder their own responsibilities and take practical actions to help reduce global warming.

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