Beijing To Expand Medical Blacklist On Drugs

March 30, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health, Law & Order

Beijing Food and Drug Administration says that it will expand the blacklist of medical services focusing on illegal clinics, drug stores, and the sale of fake medicines to ensure safe medication.

According to Cong Luotuo, the director of BFDA, Beijing will gradually include the spot-checking of drugs, tests for adverse reaction, and the daily supervision of medicines into the blacklist system based on the blacklisting of illegal drug advertising. Cong said that companies and products that are discovered to have quality problems or that are involved in several violations shall be ordered to withdraw from the market.

Statistics show that Beijing received more than 4,300 reports on the illegal use or sale of medicines in 2009 and six companies were blacklisted and asked to withdraw from the market.

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