Wal-Mart Beijing Removes Cancer-Causing Children's Clothing

June 2, 2006 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: News

Gao Jing, a representative from Wal-Mart, says that the Wal-Mart Beijing Store has decided to withdraw "Gu Te" children's clothes from its shop after learning that the clothing may contain cancer-causing dyes.

Wal-Mart is asking consumers who have bought the clothes to return them with their shopping receipts to receive unconditional refunds.

The clothing was first identified in Guangzhou to contain aromatic amine, a dye that can cause cancer. Wal-Mart Beijing says currently it has no idea whether the clothes sold in their store are in the same batch with that in Guangzhou, but it will remove the clothes for the sake of safety.

Experts say that people wearing clothing that contain aromatic amine will have a 20% higher risk of contracting skin cancer than those who do not.

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