Shanghai Consensus: CEIBS Students Pledge Responsible Corporate Behavior

June 12, 2006 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: News

The three-day conference, Being Globally Responsible Conference (BGRC), just concluded at the China Europe International Business School's main campus in Shanghai.

Approximately 150 students from global graduate business schools including AIM, HKUST, Nottingham, IESE, NTU, SJTU, Waseda, and Melbourne, attended this corporate social responsibility event.

The EU Ambassador, Serge Abou, and nine representatives from Consulates General from countries including the Phillipines, United States, Italy, Germany, and the Republic of Korea attended the "Shanghai Consensus Signing Ceremony". publisher Danny Levinson was also in attendance.

The "Shanghai Consensus" was a student led pact where all participants of the ceremony signed an agreement on the BGRC board committing themselves to the following:

As an MBA student, a participant of BGRC, and a future business leader, we commit ourselves to the following;

* We will NOT work for companies that are irresponsible in an environmental or social context.
* We will return to our schools and become Global Responsibility Ambassadors.
* On every business decision that we make in the future, we will consider not only the business issues but also the issues involved for society as a whole and the environment.
* We will encourage our colleagues and motivate our companies to make changes and to do the right things as a business. We will also try to utilize the knowledge acquired at BGRC in the future.
* We will uphold industry and company ethics to the highest degree and also abide by all relevant laws and government regulations.

The opening signing ceremony was then followed by the first session of the conference which focused on the development of corporate responsibility, with a keynote speech by Fred Dubee, Senior Advisor, United Nations Global Compact.

Participating students were able to attend workshops on topics related to CSR including: sustainable development, corporate governance, bribery/anti-corruption, CSR strategy, community outreach, private/public sector partnership, UN Global compact, social entrepreneurship, CSR evaluation, media/internet and CSR, money laundering, micro-financing, and environment and business.

The workshops were given by respective experts in each field.'s Levinson moderated a workshop on "Mitigating Brand Risk in China's Internet".

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