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Shui On Land Achieves LEED-CI Silver Certification

Shui On Land's interior decoration of 26th floor of its headquarters Shui On Plaza has achieved LEED Silver certification by U.S. Green Building Council, being one of the few projects that has achieved the LEED-CI certification in mainland China.

Louis Wong, managing director of Shui On Land, stated, "The LEED-CI Silver certification conferred to the 26th floor of Shui On Plaza not only shows that Shui On Land is a leader in environmental protection in the property industry, but also indicates that the company is recognized as a world-class developer in mainland China by authoritative international organizations."

USGBC is a non-profit organization committed to sustainable building practices, and LEED is a voluntary, consensus-based and internationally recognized third-party rating system developed by USGBC. LEED-CI mainly focuses on the interior decoration of commercial buildings. Assessment criteria include site choice, water savings, electromechanical and energy use and control. Some assessment standards are much higher than those in Mainland China, reflecting the stringent requirements of LEED.

Shui On Land says it has been striving to obtain a balance between economic benefits and environmental protection for many years. In its interior decoration of the 26th floor of Shui On Plaza, Shui On Land has adopted advanced environmentally-friendly facilities, including water-saving fixtures, CO2 sensor, occupancy sensors, response day light sensor, recycled building materials, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, "Energy Star" rated products as well as additional task lighting.

The company has also established "Sustainable Development Committee" to formulate and promote action plans for resources management and sustainability in the company, and to fulfill sustainable development through its Green Office Project, encouraging employees to create a safer and more energy-efficient living and working environment through energy conservation in daily life and work.