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CSI Wins Bidding For Electrification Project In Rural China

Canadian Solar Inc., a manufacturer of silicon, ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules, and custom-designed solar power applications, has won a 1.6MW tender to supply solar panels for 80,000 solar energy system users in Sichuan province in west China.

The project is said to have been initiated and financed by China's Ministry of Agriculture and the Sichuan Provincial Government. With a maximum power of 20 Watts, the solar home system can supply sufficient electrical power for two lights and a small TV. The 80,000 solar panels are expected to be delivered in April 2009.

Dr. Shawn Qu, president and chief executive officer of CSI, said that they are pleased to win the bid. Qu believes that the home solar energy system will make a difference to the lives of rural households since it will be the first time that these rural families ever had electrical power. Dr. Qu also said that CSI has a business department devoted to the design, manufacture, and installation of home village solar systems; and that since 2004 the company has been actively involved in rural electrification projects in China.