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Wuhan: Smoking On Campus Affects Students' Results

Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Zhongnan Branch, has published two documents which state that students who smoke on campus will face deductions from their credit points.

WUSTZB has been using the new credit points system to evaluate students' overall achievement since the autumn semester of this year.

According to the two documents, students must score the required compulsory credit points, innovation credit points, and total credit points to be qualified to receive a graduation certificate. In addition, they must accomplish two credit points for good behavior each term. If they break the school rules or smoke on campus, then points will be deducted from their total good behavior credits. In the case of smoking or other improper behavior, they will be deducted 0.2 points for each infringement of the rules.

It is learned that the new rules are being applied only to college freshmen, and on a trial basis.