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PLA Emergency Clinic Operational In Beijing

The new outpatient building of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army Second Artillery Force has been formally put into operation and this is reported to be the first public health service emergency building in Beijing.

The new building, which covers about 50,000 square meters features comprehensive emergency treatment solutions for nuclear radiation damage as well as for victims of biological weapons, chemical weapons, poison and terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and infectious diseases, together with facilities for epidemic control and quarantine.

The hospital has developed a3G emergency guidance and relief platform that is Managed by dedicated personnel around the clock and is ready to provide services at any time. In addition, the building has contingency measures for 22 kinds of public emergency incidents.

As well as providing emergency public health services, the building is also open to the public to meet their demand for normal outpatient services, emergency medical services, and hospitalization service.