Is It Really Made In China?

July 25, 2016 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Consumer, Law & Order

The China Association for Quality is working with China Mobile to establish Zhima, the first official platform to track goods through their lifecycle in China.

Zhima will apply a product full lifecycle management system to track products from raw materials through the production cycle and all the way to consumers. Consumers can then understand how and where their goods were manufactured and establish a closed loop of quality control by connecting supply chain enterprises, sales channels, and users.

With the participation of China Association for Quality, Zhima's quality management and control capabilities will be strengthened. The China Association for Quality is the authoritative quality certification party in China, and Chinese media are hailing this system as the first truly official platofrm to offer this service.

As the other co-sponsor of Zhima, China Mobile will be responsible for technologies. China Mobile will use the big data provided by the cooperating partners of China Association for Quality and ensure the authenticity of quality traceability over three areas, including CA certification, "one code for one object" principle, and secondary scanning tips.

Financial details concerning China Mobile's role in the process were not released.

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