Hong Kong Relaunches Its Pollution Index

December 30, 2013 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Environment

Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department is launching a new system to monitor its air quality.

The EPD started a trial run of its new air pollution information system last week, the Air Quality Health Index, to allow interested parties to familiarize themselves with the new system one week before its launch.

The AQHI at the selected air quality monitoring stations in the trial run will be released on the new website at www.aqhi.gov.hk.

The EPD will launch the AQHI, a health risk-based and multiple-pollutant index, today to replace the existing Air Pollution Index so as to communicate the health effects of air pollution more effectively and provide more timely and useful information to the public. The AQHI forecast will also be provided to help the public plan their outdoor activities and consider taking precautionary measures to protect their health.

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