Soy: Starbucks In China Opts For Milk Substitutes

September 26, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health

In response to the milk scandal in China, the international coffee shop chain Starbucks has stopped selling all products that contain milk in its Chinese stores while launching new soymilk coffee products.

After the milk products of Mengniu, the cooperative partner of Starbucks, were found tainted by the chemical melamine, the cafe chain immediately stopped using milk in its more than 300 stores around China and the sales of products that contain milk were also suspended.

A representative from Starbucks said that it needed time to find a new milk supplier, so the company decided to use soymilk as a temporary substitute.

At the same time, KFC, another foreign chain that is supplied by Mengniu, also stopped selling Mengniu's pure milk products in its restaurants and said they would resume sales when Mengniu milk is officially confirmed to be safe.

However, the sales of milk products in McDonald's are not affected as the fast food chain said their milk was not supplied by any of the 22 Chinese milk producers that are involved in the scandal.

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