MOHRSS To Take Measures To Help Enterprises And Stabilize Employment

November 19, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Labor

China's Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security has issued a circular, asking that practical measures be taken to help enterprises get through difficulties caused by the global financial crisis and stabilize the current employment situation.

MOHRSS asks any that large size staff reductions and unemployment to be reported on time and effective measures to be taken to prevent and control such staff reductions and unemployment. MOHRSS says that state-owned enterprises should take a lead in undertaking their social responsibilities and trying their best not to reduce the number of staff.

MOHRSS asks that unemployment insurance to be paid on time and in full to the staff of companies that are bankrupted or closed. In addition, it requires that measures be taken to reduce enterprises' burden in paying the unemployment insurance and to support them in getting through the difficulty.

MOHRSS says that the departments concerned shall work together to give priority to developing labor-intensive industries and enterprises to create more job opportunities. MOHRSS adds that priority shall also be given to college graduates, laid-off workers, and poor people in offering jobs, and attention should be paid to the re-employment of staff of companies that have ceased operation.

MOHRSS says that special training programs will be offered to company staff, laid-off workers, migrant workers, and middle school graduates in rural area so as to create talent for various positions. It asks that social insurance should be increased in a steady manner, but says that now the adjustment of the minimum salary standard of enterprises will be suspended in the hope of helping the enterprises out of the current difficulty.

To maintain a stable social order and full employment, MOHRSS says that migrant workers should be guided in choosing a job and their due right shall be properly protected.

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