Wuhan To Crack Down On Child Labor

October 21, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Labor

After an article with photos by the Wang Haofeng Focus (Wang Haofeng Jujiao) exposed the serious situation of child labor abuse in Wuhan on the Internet, the Hubei Provincial Government has began to take strong measures against child labor abuse.

The Wuhan Municipal Government decided to launch a special program to crack down on child labor in the city. Several departments, including labor, public security, trade unions and women's federations, will conduct inspections in small brick kilns, mines, and workshops, especially those in the urban-rural fringe areas.

Employers who use child labor will be severely punished. The relevant departments will ensure these children, receive their due wages, and will help them go back to school or give them necessary relief.

The inspection will also cover the implementation of the Labor Contract Law, concerning employees' working hours, wages and social security.

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