Over 290,000 Children In China Suffer Due To Contaminated Milk Powder

December 3, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health

China's Ministry of Health has announced that as at 20:00, November 27, a total of 290,000 children across the country had had a urinary system problems as a result of using Sanlu milk powder or other contaminated milk powders.

The MOH said that over 22.38 million children who had consumed Sanlu milk powder had been checked. Most of the children received outpatient therapy for a small number of stones in their urinary system while the rest needed to be hospitalized for urinary stones. Statistic shows that a total of 51,900 children had been hospitalized during the period, of whom 861 are still receiving treatment at the hospital and 154 still have serious symptoms.

The MOH said it had not received any reports of deaths resulting from stones in the urinary system since September 10 when the contaminated milk powder was identified. However, it received 11 retrospective death reports during the period from local health departments and these reports might have something to do with the substandard milk powder.

The MOH stated that as a result of two months of intensive work by the medical institutions of various levels, there has been a dramatic decline in cases, and those children that had developed serious symptoms were out of danger.

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