ACFTU Campaigns For Chinese Workers' Back Pay

January 13, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Labor

The All China Federation of Trade Unions says it will coordinate with the relevant government authorities to take effective measures to regularize workers' back pay before the Spring Festival begins at the end of January 2009.

Li Shouzhen, a director from ACFTU, said that trade unions at various levels, particularly those in the Yangtze Delta Region and the Pearl River Delta Region, will offer enhanced legal aid to help low paid employees and migrant workers resolve labor disputes such as back pay, deferred salaries, and termination of contracts with their employers. He added that there has been an increase in labor disputes as a result of the global financial crisis impacting businesses.

Li said that ACFTU will work with the labor department, public security department, and construction department to take measures to resolve the problems of defaults on salary payments and back pay for migrant workers so that they can get paid in time for the Chinese New Year. Li stated that trade unions at all levels will work with local departments to help protect workers' interests.

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  1. By BrianJanuary 14th, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Not sure how Chinese pay compared to US jobs, per US pay varies a lot based on title, location, company, etc

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