Five Illegal Drug Ads Exposed In China

February 26, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Law & Order

China's State Food and Drug Administration has published a report on the illegal advertisement of medicines, medical instruments and health care products.

The report shows that in the second half of 2008, SFDA received a total of 24.565 illegal drug advertisement reports, 1,532 illegal medical instrument advertisement reports and 15,196 illegal health care product advertisement reports.

SFDA reviewed the most serious advertisement violators and found that they had problems such as making unproved guaranties to consumers and using the name of an individual or medical institution to testify on the product's effectiveness with the aim of misguiding consumers. According to SFDA, the illegal medicine advertisements that were most frequently publicized include adverisements for Shandong Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Company's Tianmujiangya Tablets, Shaanxi Dongqin Pharmaceutical Company's Yinxie Capsule, Guiyang Dechangxiang Pharmaceutical Company's Qing Xin Ming Mu Shang Qing Wan, Jilin Bencaotang Pharmaceutical Company's Xin Shu Capsules, and Shanxi Lvlaing TCM Factory's Gushen Shengfa Wan.

Medical instruments advertisements that were frequently published included adverisements for Shaanxi Aotong Science and Technology Company's Near Sight Recovery Glasses, and Guangdong Zhongshan Weijian Biotech company's WK-2003 Jian Er Tie.

SFDA said that two health care products that were found to be published the most in illegal advertisements are Huana brand Lecithin Capsules and Liuyingtang brand Qingqing Capsule.

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