Wyeth Consulting With Families Of Sick Babies

March 9, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health

Wyeth China has told the media that it has started to communicate with parents of sick babies in the hope of assisting them to identify the cause of the illness of their babies and the company will cover the costs of checkups.

Xi Qing, the public relations director for Wyeth China, said that the company's sales are normal, but the milk powder scare may have an impact on future revenues. Xi added that Wyeth had not received any additional complaints recently.

Parents of four of the 20 sick babies, are reported to have accepted the CNY2,000 compensation offered by Wyeth. However, Li Xuefeng, who found 19 kidney stone patients and provided the list of the babies to the local media, insisted that parents of sick babies should not take the money. Li said that he and the other parents had decided to protect their rights via legal action.

As at March 3, a total of 20 babies had been reported as suffering from kidney stones as a result of using Wyeth milk powder products.

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