Tibet Checks Food Safety For Tourism Peak Season

August 4, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health

To ensure food safety for the tourism peak season and the Xuedun Festival in Tibet, De Ji, vice chairman of Tibetan Autonomous Region, led a team from the regional government, health department, public security bureau, department of industry and commerce, quality supervision department, and tourism bureau on an inspection of food markets in Lhasa.

They checked food processing, food facilities and sanitation, food storage arrangements, and the certificates of food service providers. Companies that were identified with problems were asked to take measures to rectify the problems.

De Ji asked the departments to increase the frequency of checks in addition to their daily supervision and enhance their work on food safety tests. In addition, he asked the departments to share information and coordinate with each other to ensure that the food safety work is fully implemented.

De Ji said that each of the departments should unify and increase their awareness on food safety to make sure there are no major food safety incidents during the tourism high season and the Xuedun Festival, a major local festival in Tibet.

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