Tibet Takes Measures To Deal With Global Warming

September 11, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Environment

Tibet will take a range of measures to deal with the challenges and negative effects brought about by global warming.

Recently, the Government of Tibetan Autonomous Region republished a circular on coping with the influences of climate change which says that actions to deal with the climate change will be reinforced to control green gas emission and ensure sustainable social and economic development focusing on energy saving, energy resource optimization and the construction and protection of the ecological environment.

Studies show that from 1961 to 2007, the average temperature of Tibet increased by 0.32 degrees Celsius every ten years, which is significantly higher than the average for China and globally. Meanwhile, the precipitation of the region has also increased by an average of 8.9mm every ten years.

It is learned that global warming has caused a series of effects on Tibet, including rising snow lines, the retreating glaciers, the acceleration of melting ice and snow, the decay of and desertification of grassland, and the increasing number of natural disasters.

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