Greenpeace Says Companies In China Hide Pollution Details

October 16, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Environment

According to a survey conducted by the eco-activist organization Greenpeace, 18 enterprises — including ten Chinese companies and eight multinational companies — have been involved in holding back information on pollution emissions.

The ten Chinese companies include Sinopec, China Shenhua, Aluminum Corporation of China, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and China Resources Enterprise, and the eight multinational companies are said to be Shell, Samsung, Nestle, LG, Kraft, Motorola, Denso Corporation, and Bridgestone.

Greenpeace said that regardless of China's "Measures for the Disclosure of Environmental Information (for Trial)" which requires companies blacklisted by the environment department to publish their environmental information within 30 days after the release of the list, none of the 18 companies disclosed their pollution emission information to the public.

Greenpeace stated that even though some multinational companies later disclosed their environmental information, they offered different data for the Chinese market and foreign market, providing more detailed information on overseas factories and less detailed information for ones in China. Greenpeace believes that inefficient law enforcement by local environment departments is one of the main reasons for this lack of information.

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