Computer Games Companies Exposed For Illegal Operations In China

November 6, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Law & Order

China's Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which exposes 188 computer games companies for illegal operations.

Of the 188 companies, 14, including Haikou Dongwang Xianfeng Network Company, were said to be advertising their network games products in a vulgar manner; eight companies including Beijing Tang'ai Shikong Network Company were involved in spreading computer games products that contain vulgar information, gambling and violence; 48 companies including Shanghai Yingsi Software Company, ran internet content without approval; five companies including Tianjin Fengyun Network Company operated imported internet cultural products without approval of the Ministry of Culture; 30 websites including Yongheng Zhita illegally provided private servers for computer games operators; 30 companies including the Computer Game Auxiliary Tool Downloading website illegally offered external computer games; and 53 companies including Guangzhou Huaduo Network Company did not register their computer games products as required.

These 188 companies were said to be the seventh batch of illegal games operators to be exposed by China's Ministry of Culture.

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