Corporate Compassion For Children In China

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Working in a charity or non-governmental organization in China has both great rewards and challenges. Here we listen to the voices of those people making China a better place.

This section is edited by our volunteer Kay Zhang, the PR/Communications Manager of Care for Children in China. She previously worked for BDL Media in Beijing for about three years before she obtained her master's degree in marketing from London Metropolitan University. To contribute your own viewpoint on working for an NGO in China, please email to [email protected]

Kay ZhangBy Kay Zhang
During his visit to Beijing in 2006, a friend of Care for Children introduced us to an American company. I remember it was early in the morning when we visited their office in central Beijing. The chief representative, Mr. Tan, welcomed us and we four sat in their office and talked about the work we were doing.

When Mr. Tan understood that our principle was to help Chinese children to grow up in Chinese families in China. I could see that he suddenly become interested. From the questions he asked, I could see that he very much agreed with our work.

Later he said with feeling: "Sometimes it's really hard for me to understand. How can they give up their own children? I am not criticizing the Chinese, I just don't think it's the best solution to just allow the orphans to be adopted and grow up in the American or the European world. I am a father of two girls and I just say this on my own behalf."

I think I was a bit surprised at that, as most senior executives for big companies will normally remain impassive. I do not intend to offend them, but it seems as if they are always calm, analytical, and professional: they rarely show their emotional side in office meetings.

Mr. Tan became a very positive believer in our organization, and later he persuaded the company's American headquarters provide two years' support for our work.

After The 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan
It was in late May 2008, and it was a special period for Care for Children. I never thought that people's compassion could be so great for those who suffered. I received phone calls nearly everyday from people who were willing to offer their support and skills, and even money. Ms. Zhao was a businesswoman in the fashion industry and we got to know each other in an event on May 7, 2008. Five days later the earthquake occurred in Sichuan. On May 20, 2008 she gave me a call and said they had an event in the Shangri-La Hotel and they would like to donate clothing for an auction. I learned that all her clothes are tailored and are quite expensive.

I went to the event and when I came out it was five minutes to midnight. The donation had raised over CNY90,000.

The event had not yet finished and I saw Ms. Zhao was still busy with her clients. I didn't know what time she went home that day. But at that moment, I understand that many people are working hard to help us, because of their faith and because of their love for disadvantaged children

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