China Publishes Forestry Plans For Climate Change

November 11, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Environment

The State Forestry Administration of China has published a plan which sets forth the basic principles, targets, and initiatives to be taken in light of climate change.

The five basic principles included in the plan are combining the targets of forestry development with the national strategies on climate change, increasing forest size and improving forest quality, increasing carbon trading and controlling emissions, combining government guidance with social participation, slowing down climate change, and adapting to the change.

The three targets are: planting more than four million hectares of forest annually and make the national forest coverage rate reach 20% by 2010; planting more than five million hectares of trees each year and make the forest coverage rate reach 23% by 2020; increasing forested area by 47 million hectares more than that of 2020 and making the forest coverage rate hit over 26% by 2050.

The plan involves 22 actions on climate change, including promoting voluntary tree planting, speeding up the planting of rare trees, improving the recycling rate for timber, and protecting major wetlands.

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