Ministry Of Education: Early Education Book Falsely Advertised In China

November 25, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Education

In response to Chinese readers' inquiries about a book called "Early Education Revolution", China's Ministry of Education has clarified that it has never authorized any individual or company to write the book, nor has it recommended the book to readers.

The ministry says it has received many enquiries from readers across the country about "Early Education Revolution", a book that allegedly teaches parents how to educate a child in their early childhood and is promoted in the name of Ministry of Education.

It is understood that the advertisement says that the writer of the book is a senior early-education consultant in the ministry, and the book is also greatly recommended by the ministry to parents.

The ministry says that it has nothing to do with compiling, publishing and promoting the book. It also reminds Chinese parents to be alert and not to be cheated by the advertisements for the book.

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