51job.com Reportedly Defers Payment To Ex-Employee

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A person surnamed Li, who claims to be a former employee of Chinese human resource service provider 51job.com, has disclosed to the Information Times that 51job.com is still deferring payment of his commission following his resignation from the company a few months ago.

Li, who is reported to have been a client manager at 51job.com at the time when he left the company, said that he resigned from 51job.com in early September 2009, but to date he has not been paid the CNY2,500 commission fee the company owes him.

Li told the media that he began to work as a salesperson in 51job.com's Dongguan branch in May 2004. He said that according to the labor contract he signed with 51job.comhis salary consisted of two parts: basic salary and commission. He stated that before he left 51job.com, he had consulted the company's principal on the commission issue, but was told that he could not get his commission until the payment was received from the respective clients. He added that he spoke to 51job.com several times in October and November 2009, but was again told that he still could not get the commission as the sum of CNY1,300 was still unpaid by the clients. This time he was also notified that he should be responsible for paying for CNY900 of this CNY1,300 as the stamp on the contract he signed with the client was unclear. Li greatly disagreed with this.

Li disclosed that 51job.com has had a history of deferring employees' commission. He said that he had left 51job.com once before, in April 2007, and then the company owed him more than CNY4,000 commission. He was not paid until he threatened that he would sue the company.

In response 51job.com said that Li had a different interpretation of the calculation of the commission when he said the company owed him more than CNY2,500. It refused to disclose how much it owes Li, and when it would pay him, saying that this involved items confidential to the company.

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