China Initiates Social Security System For Disabled People

January 4, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Business & Society

China will start building a social security and service system for disabled people in 2010.

The country will mainly focus on the construction of social security and service capacities for disabled people in rural areas, making and implementing policies specially designed to meet the needs of this group of people.

In 2010, China will include all eligible disabled people in the rural areas into the low-insurance system to guarantee their basic life and health. It will also work on new types of rural cooperative medical care and a new rural social endowment insurance system for disabled persons.

The program will also study and solve the rehabilitation problems for disabled people in China by focusing on the construction of schools for special education in western rural areas and give priority to projects related to students with disabilities. The government will offer support to disabled persons living on the minimum life insurance and improve poverty alleviation programs for disabled persons.

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