China Lottery Helps Children With Leukemia

January 8, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Giving, Health

News from the China Red Cross Foundation is that the China Lottery Public Welfare Fund will, for the first time, provide funds to CRCF to help children with leukemia.

It is learned that with the approval of China's Ministry of Finance, CLPWF will inject CNY50 million into Little Angel Fund, a subsidiary of CRCF, to offer medical aid to children from poor families who are suffering from leukemia.

As a special public welfare fund of CRCF, Little Angel Fund is reported to have raised a total of CNY22.05 million since its establishment and has provided fund aid to 564 poor leukemia patients. However, the fund can no longer meet the market demand with the increase in the number of patients asking for help. This is said to be the first time that the fund has ever received finance support from the government.

Wang Rupeng, the secretary general of CRCF, states this is a very good start for a non-governmental organization to offer medical aid to patients suffering from major diseases with funds provided by the government and this practice is of great significance and should be promoted on a large scale.

So far, CRCF has decided to use the fund to help 1,548 leukemia patients from across the country and give each of them CNY30,000 for their medical expense.

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