Hangzhou Publishes Food Safety Index For Chinese New Year

February 3, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Consumer

With the approach of the Chinese New Year, Hangzhou has released a food safety index to meet the consumer demand for good quality food products.

The index, which was jointly released by the China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Processed Aquatic Products, Hangzhou Life Quality Survey Center, and China Jiliang University, covers six major categories of food products that are popular for the Spring Festival and three categories of food products that were of most concern for consumers in the previous month. It shows that the food situation in Hangzhou in January and February is generally good.

The six kinds of New Year food are meat, edible oil and fat products, fried food and nut products, egg products, grain products, starch and starchy products. The safety index for the six is 98.98, 99, 98.71, 99, 98.76, and 99, respectively.

It is learned that Hangzhou's Food Safety Index evaluation system consists of random sampling of food, tests, marketing surveys, focus surveys, and index calculation and publishing. Publishing the food safety index is a new measure that the municipal government has taken in improving the quality life of the local people.

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