Running For Charity In China

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Working in a charity or non-governmental organization in China has both great rewards and challenges. Here we listen to the voices of those people making China a better place.

This section is edited by our volunteer Kay Zhang, the PR/Communications Manager of Care for Children in China. She previously worked for BDL Media in Beijing for about three years before she obtained her master's degree in marketing from London Metropolitan University. To contribute your own viewpoint on working for an NGO in China, please email to [email protected]

Kay ZhangBy Kay Zhang
I went to Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel for the Charity Run. This was my second time, they had been doing it for three years, and it's a special event on my schedule I look forward to.

Ms. Chen, the PR manager met me in the lobby. After a brief welcome she showed me to the check-in desk. At dinner we met again, by then I had learned that 23 teams were joining the charity run the next day. And this year, the theme was "fun". Teams would dress in fancy costumes, to entertain themselves as well as the audience.

The next morning as I ran out with the Shangri-La team at 08:00 I could feel the team was in high spirits. Nan Jiang Bin Park was a familiar place for me as we had held the event there the previous year. The Shangri-La staff had already set the venue to create the atmosphere. More and more people walked around.

The run started at 10:00. There were over 200 people in the team and this activity attracted an audience of nearly 1,000. It was hilarious to see all the teams dressed up and showing-off in front of us. Laughter and shouts came from the audience. It looked as if we just came to see a mixture of different decades and cultures. And these runners were going to cover their 2.5 kilometer course in such kinds of dress. It would be a special scene for this park on such a winter weekend.

As a result, CNY46,000 was raised from the event. I could see the participants enjoyed themselves very much. Furthermore, as well creating some fun for themselves and the local community, the money they raised was going to help disadvantage children. Isn’t it a meaningful event? If they have this next year, I bet I will go again: maybe I should join their team for the run.

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