Sinosteel Corporation Releases Sustainability Report On Africa

October 27, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Business & Society

The Sinosteel Corporation held a press conference last week announcing the publication of its sustainability report on Africa.

This is reported to be the first sustainability report on Africa released by a Chinese enterprise. The report refers to Sinosteel's business distribution and general situation in Africa, especially corporate social responsibility, stakeholder relations, health, safety, environmental protection, employee relations, community building and future prospects, showing the company has both gained economic and social benefits in Africa.

Sinosteel has been operating in Africa for 12 years, with four subsidiaries focusing on chrome mine development, chromium smelting, and related business. The company has offered more than 3,000 job opportunities to the community, and 80% of its staff are local people.

Sinosteel Corporation is a large multinational enterprise that integrates resource development; trade and logistics; engineering projects and science and technology; equipment manufacturing and specialized services; and providing comprehensive auxiliary services for the steel industry — especially steel mills. In January 2008, Sinosteel released its China-focused sustainability report, and in March 2008 it joined the United Nations Global Compact.

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