L'Oreal Launches Hairdressing Anti-AIDS Ambassador Program

December 1, 2008 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health

L'Oreal, a global cosmetics and beauty product providers, has joined forces with major hairdressers across the country to launch its Hairdressing Anti-AIDS Ambassador Program in Beijing as part of this year's World AIDS Day.

More than 50 hairdressing salons, all of which are very popular among consumers, have joined in L'Oreal's program to spread AIDS prevention knowledge to the clients of their salons. These hairdressing salons include Xukai Hair Studio (Beijing), Furong Gongfang (Beijing), Tony Studio (Beijing), Fujun Fashion (Beijing), Couper Hair Studio (Beijing), Fashion Palace (Beijing), Beauty Space Image Salon (Chengdu), and Shiji Qingjian (Chengdu). They will provide anti-AIDS booklets at their salons and answer clients' questions on health issues.

Pascal Frantz, general manager of L'Oreal's China Professional Hairdressing Product Division said that anti-AIDS courses have been integrated into the basic hairdressing skills training supplied by L'Oreal and they have given AIDS prevention education to 30,000 hairdressers and barbers at 35 of their training centers across China.

Initiated by L'Oreal Foundation and UNESCO in 2005, the Hairdressing Anti-AIDS Ambassador Program has been implemented in 23 countries and regions.

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