Beijing Withdraws 26 Substandard Commodities From Sale

August 19, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Consumer

Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce has exposed 26 kinds of substandard commodities and has asked sellers to withdraw them from sale.

The unqualified commodities include 14 made-in-Beijing indoor wire products and 12 products for children, which cover children's shoes, strollers, and toothbrushes. Of these most of the unqualified goods are children's shoes, involving six brands from Jixin Feiyang, Huanying Zhanshi, Zu Sheng, Taotao Zai, Rui Bao, and Mightymouse. Some of the shoes are said to be not durable enough, while others are not comfortable and may be harmful to the bones of the child wearing them. In addition, five strollers from Xiao Ding Dong, Yeehoo, and Doraemon are said to be likely to cause injury to children.

The 14 kinds of wires are reportedly all made by local factories in Beijing and according to BAIC they are unqualified for electric resistance or insulation and may be a fire hazard.

BAIC said that consumers who have purchased these goods can ask to return the goods to their retailers.

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