Sixteen Beijing Hospitals Exposed For Malpractice

October 26, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health, Law & Order

Beijing's health supervision department has exposed 16 hospitals which were allegedly involved in malpractice.

The 16 hospitals are: Beijing Shengsheng Hospital, Beijing Wangchuanhai Clinic, Beijing Zhanggaifa Clinic, Beijing Xiadu Bo'ai Clinic, Beijing Junke Yinkang Hospital, Beijing Fengtai Guotai Hospital, Beijing Huangcun Min'aikang Clinic, Beijing Zhongjingtang Clinic, Beijing Jingcheng Huangyuan TCM Clinic, Beijing Shijingshan Wulituo Hospital, Beijing Boyilin Research Institute Tiantong Clinic, Miyun Henanzhai Town Zhongzhuangcun Zhaolianying Clinic, Beijing Pinggu Supply and Marketing Cooperation Clinic, Beijing Minglian Haijie Trade Company Min'er Kang Clinic, No. 1 Clinic of Beijing Pinggu Xiagezhuang Town Xiagezhuangcun, and No. 6 Clinic of Beijing Pinggu Xiagezhuang Town Xiagezhuangcun.

It is learned that the problems at these hospitals include providing medical services outside the scope approved by the heath department, employing non-medical professionals for medical services, and illegally releasing medical advertisements.

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