Beijing To Offer Free Training To Medical Care Workers

October 27, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health, Labor

Chen Jing, a representative from Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, has told local media that Beijing will offer free training on a trial basis to medical care workers.

At present, most of the workers taking care of patients in hospitals are migrant workers who have not received any formal training and this has brought many potential problem for the hospitals' management — including safety issues. To address the problem, BMHB and Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce have jointly issued a document which states free training and skills verification will be offered on a one-time basis to migrant workers who are engaged in taking care of sick people, and only those who have passed the exams and obtained the qualification certificate will be permitted to work as medical aides.

In addition, the document requires medical institutions to employ trained care workers and allocate them according to relevant standards.

The final timescales and details of where the trials will be undertaken are still under discussion.

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