Chinese Consumer Sues CTS Over Coupon Use

November 27, 2009 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Consumer

Beijing Dongcheng District Court has received a lawsuit filed by a Chinese consumer against Chinese travel service provider China Travel Service over the use of a coupon.

The consumer, surnamed Cheng, said in the petition that when he went to purchase the a travel product on December 29, 2007, CTS refused to accept a coupon, which was scheduled to expire on the last day of December of 2007, with the excuse that no Australia-New Zealand trip was available. At the same time CTS was advertising the travel product in major Chinese media around that date. Cheng stated that the coupon was jointly issued by CTS and China CITIC Bank and CTS also turned down his request to pay in advance with the coupon for a future Australia-New Zealand trip. He believed that the refusal by CTS refusal meant that he could not use the coupon before it expired.

Cheng asked the court to order CTS to cancel the limit on the validity period of the coupon.

The case is being processed by the court.

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