Xinjiang Subsidizes HIV/AIDS Affected Children

January 6, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Giving, Health

From 2010, each HIV/AIDS affected child in Xinjiang will receive CNY600 living subsidies every month.

It is reported that Xinjiang has issued a provisional measure on the settlement of HIV/AIDS affected children in the region. The measure states that each child affected by HIV/AIDS will be offered CNY600 each month as a living subsidy. In addition, they will also be given medical and settlement aid.

The measure which is jointly issued by Xinjiang Civil Affairs Department, Xinjiang Health Department and Xinjiang Human Resource and Social Security Department, divides HIV/AIDS affected children into three categories, namely, children less than 18 years old whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS, children who have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus or are carrier of the virus, and children either of whose parent has contracted HIV/AIDS or died of the disease.

It is understood that by the end of September 2009, there were 27,012 HIV/AIDS patients in Xinjiang, which ranked the region fourth nationwide. Most of the children in HIV/AIDS families are said to be living in poverty.

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