Green Beijing Action Plan Released

March 9, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Energy & Cleantech, Environment

Beijing Municipal Commission and Beijing Municipal Government have approved the Green Beijing Action Plan 2010-2012.

According to the plan, Beijing will implement nine major green projects including energy, building, transportation, air quality, solid waste, and environment over the next three years. In addition, it will set up three green systems — production, consumption, and environment — to make Beijing a world-class modern and environmentally-friendly city.

Regarding clean energy, Beijing will develop wind power and utilize solar power according to local conditions in addition to expanding the use of natural gas and the promotion of the use of clean energy by the city's major thermal power plants.

In addition, Beijing will promote green buildings, green transportation, the use of energy efficient technology, the comprehensive waste management, the prevention of air pollution, the utilization of recycled water and the beautification of city environment and create many a low-carbon demonstration zones in the period.

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