Chengdu Restaurants Exposed For Using Substandard Oil

April 1, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Consumer, Health

Chengdu Food Safety Commission has said that Gufeng Sesame Oil Factory has been engaged in the illegal processing and sale of sesame oil and 13 restaurants in the city have been using in using substandard oils.

It is reported that Gufeng purchased edible corn oil from Chengdu Pixian Yuanye Industry Company and essence from Shandong Tengzhou Runlong Essence Company and then mixed them to make fake sesame oil. Zhou Rong, the director of Chengdu Food Safety Commission, said that the Dafeng Sesame oil made by Gufeng is not waste oil but fake oil and Gufeng has been punished for the illegal production of the substandard sesame oil.

The 13 restaurants using substandard oils are said to be Laomatou Food and Entertainment Company; Deng Mao Du Hot Pot; Yixiangyuan Hot Pot; Chuan Jiang Hao Zi Food Development Company Gongshang Yulin Store; Changshun Store; Xiang Tian Xia Food Company; Rong Ding Xiang Food Company; Lao Zhuang Hot Pot; La Yuan Su Food Management Company; Chengdu Zhang Lao Shan Hot Pot; Bashu Dazhaimen Hot Pot; Shu Jiu Xiang SM Store; Xin Shu Jiuxiang Food Company Zijing Store; and Chengdu Yuanman Xiang Food Management Company. Zhou said these restaurants will be punished in accordance with China's Food Safety Laws.

Previously, Chinese media reported that waste oil was being processed and distributed for profit by illegal operators and Sichuan and Hunan style restaurants were said to be the main users of these poor quality oils.

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