Wuhan To Promulgate Mental Health Law

May 12, 2010 | Print | Email Email | Comments | Category: Health, Law & Order

Wuhan in Hubei province plans to promulgate a new law to protect the rights of people suffering from mental disorders and of people affected by the extreme behavior of mental patients.

According to the regulation which was actually passed in November 2008, but is still pending for further procedures before being formally enacted, no one shall discriminate against, insult, mistreat or abandon people with mental disorders. In addition, mentally healthy people who are attacked by people with mental disorders are eligible to apply for a subsidy in the event that the mental patients and their families can't afford the compensation.

It is said that in Wuhan in addition to approximately 300,000 people suffering from slight mental problems, there are about 120,000 patients with acute mental disorders. Of these, between 60% and 80% have not been given effective treatment, with about 2,000 of them being locked-away at home by their families. In addition, about 12,000 mental patients have shown a tendency to violence, and furthermore, more and more students and white collar workers are becoming increasingly subject to mental problems.

Wuhan's regulation will be the sixth of its kind in China following those promulgated by Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Wuxi.

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